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Using "a" or "an" Grammar Rules

Have you ever wondered when to use "a" or "an"? Are you using "a" or "an" correctly? There seems to be a great deal of confusion about using "a" or "an" in front of other words.

Well, there is a set of "a" or "an" rules to follow so that your sentences don't sound grammatically awkward. Although the rule can be explained as the proper usage of the indefinite articles "a" or "an" in cases preceded by an article that specifies the definiteness of the noun, that seems to only further confuse people so here is a very easy and clear explanation.


So is it a or an?

a or an icon "a" should be used before words that begin with consonant sounds (b,c,d,f,g..)

I have A dog

I have A corvette

I have A union (union begins with the sound "yoo")

I have A one family home (one begins with the sound "wuh")


a or an icon "an" should be used before words that begin with vowel sounds (a,e,i,)

I have An ipad

I have An egg

I have An apricot

So therefore usage is determined by pronunciation and not spelling


The exceptions to these rules are:

Abbreviations and Acronyms

Although it's not exactly an exception, the subject of abbreviations and acronyms can become somewhat confusing. It is important understand that even though a word is recited as "unidentified flying object" the abbreviation is "UFO" so

I saw An unidentified flying object today

I saw A UFO today (UFO begins with the sound "yoo")

The same goes with MRI and MBA

I had An MRI today(MRI begins with the sound "em")

I have An MBA (MBA begins with the sound "em"

Read below for more exceptions..

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Using "a" or "an" before h

a or an historicalIs it "a historical landmark" or "an historical landmark"?

This is one of several examples that can be in some cases become a true exception to the rule. Let's explore this and other examples of possible exceptions.

Do you use a or an before h?


Common Grammar Mistakes

common grammar mistakesWhether you are writing a resume, business letter or proposal, or even blogging the practice of proper grammar helps communicate your message effectively. Poor grammar detracts from your credibility and can possibly cost you a job, project or readers to your blog.

Aside from a or an grammar usage, here are the 5 most common grammar mistakes you should avoid..

Don't make these 5 Common Grammar Mistakes!


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