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 eBay Misspellings Tool
 The Most Expensive item EVER Misspelled on eBay
  Most Searched for eBay Misspelled Items
  Using the Misspelled eBay Search Tool
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eBay Misspellings Tool

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Retweet if you find this tool helpful! Our eBay misspellings tool will help you find misspelled ebay items by searching for ebay misspelled auctions and auto suggesting the most searched for and commonly ebay misspelled words.

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In case you've been hiding under a rock for the past decade, has emerged as the premiere auction-platform website with over $20 billion worth of goods expected to go up for auction this year alone.

EBay is by far our favorite auction site to both buy and sell. With millions of items up for sale on a monthly basis, we have found that many of those items often contain common misspellings. This presents a goldmine of an opportunity for buyers, and also benefits sellers by helping them sell items they may not have realized were misspelled.

Example: John Doe lists his grandfather's antique clock for auction under the category , but unintentionally misspells "antiqu clock". Conducting a search on eBay you will find thousands of search results for the query " ", but only a few for the misspelling " ". Few buyers will ever see this listing resulting in low bidding competition for that auction.

Our handy eBay misspelling tool will help you search and find eBay items with low bidding competition that are often overlooked. If you don't want to keep the item you bought for dirt cheap you can always list the item for sale (correctly spelled of course) and generate large profits with this method. You could quite possibly be the proud new owner of a new $2000 " " for only $20.

Diamond Ring Misspelled on Ebay

The only limits are your drive and your imagination so have fun experimenting with our handy eBay misspelling tool.

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The Most Expensive Item Ever

Misspelled on eBay

Cost the Seller $503,000.00

What is the most expensive item ever misspelled on eBay?

A gentleman, who will go down on record guilty of committing the most costly eBay misspelling blunder in history, lost somewhere to the tune of $503,000.00.

He was selling as his auction described "an actual museum quality sealed and intact bottle of Samuel Allsopp’s Arctic Ale brewed for the 1852 Expedition to the Arctic lead by Sir Edward Belcher. This bottle of beer is likely the rarest, oldest, and most documented bottle of beer in existence! Not to mention the unbelievably unique history surrounding it. Accompanying the bottle is an actual limited handwritten history about the bottle itself"

His auction title was misspelled on eBay as:

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It would have took the seller all but a minute to research the correct spelling of the item he was spelling (it was printed on the bottle). The correct spelling should be:

Allsopp's Artic Ale. Full and Corked with a Wax Seal

So as it turns out he listed the auction as is with only the above paragraph as a description and only 3 photos. The auction received a mere 169 views with 2 bids. The winning bid was for the final amount of $304.00

View the Auction Listing

The buyer, knowing what an immense blunder this was on the sellers part proceeded to re-list the item on eBay with this title:

misspelled on ebay picture graphic

He used 13 exceptional photographs and somewhere to the tune of 30 paragraphs giving the complete history of the Allsopps Ale bottle. Using the correct spelling, the auction received 74,064 views, 157 bids and a final winning bid of $503,300.00.

View the Auction Listing

Although this is quite unfortunate, we must emphasize the importance of spelling checks and remind the masses how costly misspellings can be. Find find misspelled ebay items with our tool and you could be the next lucky buyer to capitalize off these great eBay misspelled items. So get started using our eBay Misspellings Tool now! Good Luck!

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Most Searched For

ebay Misspelled Items

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Using the

Misspelled ebay search

How to properly use our misspelled ebay search tool to capitalize on the most commonly searched for ebay misspelled items.

Step 1: Enter the properly spelled name of the item you are searching for. The auto-suggest feature will help you with the most commonly misspelled eBay items.

Step 2: Click Advanced to narrow/filter your search to search by:

  • Country
  • Ending Time
  • Price
  • Paypal auctions
  • Buy Now Auctions
  • Auctions Only

Step 3: Click GO and the misspelled ebay search results will appear.

Step 4: If you wish to open the listing in a new window select that option. If you do not have an eBay account click "Register Here!"

Step 5: When you find an item you are interested in click that item or Right Click > Open in a new window if you wish to keep the search active

Step 6: Check the bids and ending time on that auction in order to purchase the item.

For Advanced Strategies check back for our e-book "Strategies for eBay Misspellings"

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Brands in Danger of Disappearing

A number of well-known brands disappeared in the last year in large partly due to economic forces. Many of them were in the retail industry, led by Circuit City. ATA and Aloha airlines are gone. Gateway Computers has effectively disappeared after being bought by Acer. It still has a website, but the brand is no longer marketed.

As the recession deepens and stretches out quarter after quarter, more companies will close or will shut divisions. More brands will disappear because their parents firms fold or can no longer afford to support them. Other brands will be obliterated by mergers.

We have compiled a list of the top brands that are in danger of disappearing. Some you may be able to capitalize from with an misspelled eBay search (or correctly spelled) by purchasing their products which may soon be extremely rare and valuable.

Crocs (CROX)
Borders (BGP)
Avis/Budget (CAR)
Saturn (General Motors GM)
Esquire Magazine (The Hearst Corporation)
Gap (GAP)
Architectural Digest Magazine (Condé Nast Publications -  subsidiary of privately-held Advance Publications)
Eddie Bauer (EBHI)
Palm (PALM)
United Airlines (UAUA)
American Airlines ( US. AMR - AMR)
US Air (LCC)
Yahoo! (YHOO)
Motorola (MOT)
Old Navy (GPS)
Countrywide Financial Corporation (CFC)
E*Trade (ETFC)
KMart (KMRT is no longer valid. It has changed to SHLD)
Dodge (Owned by privately-held Chrysler company)
Gateway (GTW)
Vonage (VG)
Circuit City (CCTYQ)
Hummer (General Motors GM)
Six Flags New Orleans (SIXF)
Gleem (Procter & Gamble Co  PG)
Pioneer's Kuro TV (PIO)
Minneapolis Star Tribune
Ore-Ida Fun Shape Tater Tots (HJ Heinz Co  HNZ)
Pontiac (General Motors GM)
Handi-Snacks pudding (Kraft Foods Inc KFT)
Saab (General Motors GM)
Kool-Aid gels (Kraft Foods Inc KFT)
The Checkout Channel (Turner Broadcasting System TWX)
Ambi Pur home freshener (Sara Lee – SLE)


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