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  What is My Computer Running So Slow?

The Windows registry is a database repository of information pertaining to a computer's configuration. Computer activity such as installing and uninstalling software, modifying displaying settings, audio levels and even adjusting the browser window size creates entries and keys within the registry. When these keys are no longer used after the application is uninstalled, upgraded or modified they are often not deleted and leave vacant spaces or registry holes in the computer registry.

These activities all lead to unexpected, erratic, and decreased PC performance which results in the computer running slow, errors, hangs and crashes.

  How to Fix a Slow Computer

Fixing registry errors manually is a risky and dangerous operation. The safest and easiest way to fix registry errors when a computer is running is slow is by using registry cleaner software. A reliable registry cleaner will enable the user to scan and fix registry errors with a few mouse clicks. Registry cleaners will also make a backup of the registry should the user ever need to restore the registry of the last known working state if there is a problem.

An advanced registry cleaner performs deep scans to eliminate obsolete and invalid entries, registry holes, and fragments located deep in the registry. Some of these registry keys have been embedded by malicious spyware. The result will be a clean, defragmented registry with contiguous files that gives the computer faster data access.

Keeping the registry clean to vital to the computer's speed and health.

Recommended Registry Cleaners:

How to Fix A Slow ComputerTune-Up Utilities for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, 98 is the industry standard deep scanning Windows Registry Cleaner that instantly detects, cleans and fixes registry errors to keep your PC running like new.

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